Quick Fixes Or Complete Re-Piping Options With Pex Pipes


You may have a single broken pipe or need to replace all or most of the piping in your home. Each of these tasks can be accomplished most easily and inexpensively with Pex pipe. You only need the pipe itself, a few special tools for cutting and connecting it, and some assorted connectors and hangers to do the job. What is Pex Pipe? Pex pipe is a type of reinforced plastic pipe that can be rolled and bent into position as it is installed.

4 October 2017

Tips For Caring For Your Water Softening System


If you have a water softening system for your home, you will need to pay close attention to the following tips on how to care for it. This way, it will last for as long as possible, continuing to provide you with the best soft water possible. Check The Salt Level Monthly Salt is imperative to the proper functioning of the water softening system. This is something that you will want to check at least once a month.

3 October 2017

Is Your Furnace Causing You Problems?


Some problems with your furnace can sometimes be ignored. Others require immediate attention. Depending on the problem, some basic troubleshooting might resolve the issue. To help you determine if you need to call for professional help, here are a few scenarios that you could encounter with your furnace and what might be causing the issue: Noisy Furnace When your furnace is making loud noises, there are several factors that could be to blame.

2 October 2017

Four Toilet Repairs Tips For Resolving Common Problems


There are many problems that come up with the toilets over time and often it resolves common problems that are simple enough to fix. Here are four toilet repair tips to help you resolve these common issues: Keep a Plunger and a Snake: Most homeowners have a plunger in their homes. However, not many people think to keep a snaking tool around. The benefit of this is that if the plunger doesn't work, the snaking tool just might do the trick.

29 September 2017

Four Areas Where Mold May Hide


Mold is toxic; exposure can make you sick or else imitate the symptoms of allergies. This is due to the release of tiny spores, the reproductive units of fungi. You don't want to breathe it in; you don't want it in your house. But mold is sneaky and it can hide in places you wouldn't expect. You may have heard or seen horror stories of people getting sick and not knowing why, then discovering mold growing rampant in the walls.

27 September 2017

Tips For Homeowners Considering Switching To A Water Well


Prior to having a water well installed, it is important to take the time to review what you should expect from this process. Unfortunately, many people will simply rush into this process, and they may find that having a well drilled will be more complicated and difficult than it must be. If you are wanting to be prepared for having a well installed, you can use several basic precautions. Review Usage Restrictions

27 September 2017

Want To Improve Your Bathroom? Hire A Plumber To Install An Improved Toilet


A homeowner with multiple bathrooms may not feel as tempted to upgrade a single bathroom because this would leave the others with inferior features. But your home may only have one bathroom, which gives you the perfect opportunity to make a huge impact with upgrades. If you are working with a somewhat small budget, you can make changes in parts. For instance, you can start with buying a new toilet that gives you an all-around better experience.

26 September 2017

Two Garbage Disposal Myths That Could Break Your Appliance


Garbage disposals are a staple in most American homes. While these appliances can make life in the kitchen more manageable, there is quite a bit of bad advice regarding their use and maintenance circulating that could lead you to damage yours beyond repair. If you really want to keep your garbage dispose working property, here are two common pieces of advice you should ignore. Myth #1 – Sharpen the Blades with Ice

24 September 2017

Tips For Connecting Gas Fittings To A Water Heater


If you have just moved into a new home and require a new water heater, then you may be unfamiliar with the way that a gas one needs to be installed. This may be especially problematic if you are switching from an electric unit to a gas one. If so, you will need to understand how to connect the appliance properly. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you connect the gas lines and fittings properly.

23 September 2017

Plumbing Improvements That Help Reduce Utility Bills And Improve Energy Efficiency


If you want to save money on your utility bills, it is important to choose the right improvements and home renovations like an energy efficient hot water replacement. With the plumbing systems, there are also other improvements that are a great choice for energy efficient plumbing that will reduce your utility bills. Here are some of the plumbing improvements that are a good investment to save money: Water Heaters That Reduce Your Water Consumption and Energy Use

20 September 2017