Three Reasons You Should Clean Your Drains Annually


Drain cleaning ensures all the drains from your home are flowing well so that you don't have to worry about backups. In some homes, you may need to commit to annual cleanings for the best benefits.

1. Scum Buildup

In some homes, scum simply builds up more quickly inside the drains. Certain types of scum are tackier, which means that the scum itself clings to both the interior of the drain pipe and to any other items that flow by. This results in quick building obstructions that will eventually plug the drain entirely.

The two most common reasons for tacky scum clogs are soap residue and cooking grease. Certain types of grease, like lard and bacon fat, are more likely to form a thick, tacky clog compared to other types of grease, such as olive oil. The same is true of soap — certain soap products create thicker, stickier soap scum. You can avoid putting grease down the drain to help prolong the periods between drain cleaning, but you can't do much to prevent soap scum.

2. Damaged Drain Pipes

The drain pipes both in and leading from your home can suffer damage. Interior pipes, for example, may corrode over time and develop an uneven surface on the inside. This uneven surface is more likely to catch residue as it flows past, increasing the chances for a clog. Pipes can also become crimped or bent, which can also cause a constriction that is prone to clogging.

Your main drain runs through your yard, where it is prone to being overgrown with roots. Once roots invade the drain, they must be cleared out or you end up with  blockage. Roots can also constrict the drain pipe from the outside, creating a more narrow passageway that is more prone to clogging. Another common issue is that older main drains can begin to collapse or break apart. Regular cleaning catches these issues early.

3. Tight Turns

Some drains just weren't designed well, which makes them more prone to blockages. Ideally, pipes should be designed with as few turns as possible, as each turn provides the opportunity for residue to collect. If your older pipes have a lot of twists and turns, regular cleaning will be required.

There is sometimes a tight turn in the main drain as well, particularly if the municipal sewer line was rerouted at some point in the past and the house pipe had to be turned to flow toward the new line. Once again, regular drain cleaning is necessary so debris doesn't collect in the turn.

Contact a drain cleaning service for more help.


24 December 2020

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