What To Do If Water Is Leaking From Your Ceiling And It Hasn't Been Raining


Seeing water leaking from your ceiling for any reason can be alarming, but it could strike you as downright bewildering if it hasn't rained lately. Unfortunately, this isn't an entirely uncommon problem for homeowners. If you're going through this issue and don't know what to do, read this quick guide to find out.

The Likely Culprit

Most ceiling leaks are due to a roof going bad, but if it hasn't been raining, that's clearly not the problem. Instead, it's likely your plumbing.

Many homeowners don't realize it, but plumbing often goes up through walls and into the crawlspace above or under the house. These pipes don't typically experience any problems, but like anything, they don't last for eternity. Over the years - especially if they're exposed to huge temperature shifts, as they might be in an attic or crawlspace - they can start to break down and become brittle, leading to the potential for leaks. In short, a pipe running through your attic or upper crawlspace has likely burst.

What to Do

The first thing you should do is head out of the house and get to the water main. This is usually located outside, though it may be in your basement if you have one. Shut the water main off completely to stop the water from coming into your home. Once you've stopped it, you can start cleaning up the mess, but keep in mind that your ceiling may continue to leak for some time as the residual water seeps through.

Get Help

This is not the kind of problem that a homeowner should attempt to tackle themselves unless they happen to be a licensed plumber. If you aren't, then contact one for support.

Your plumber will enter the crawlspace or attic to look for problems with the pipes. They may also use a small camera to look at the inside of the pipes so that they don't have to travel through the entire house. This can help them to find a hole or crack in the pipe without opening up the walls of your home.

Once a damaged pipe has been found, replacing it will be necessary. Your plumber will take care of everything, so you don't need to worry about it.

Once your plumbing has been repaired, you may want to contact someone about fixing the water damage so that your home doesn't develop mold or mildew in the ceiling.

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22 March 2020

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