Reasons For A Leaking Faucet


The drip-drip of a leaking faucet isn't just annoying, it is literally money down the drain. In some areas, the wasted water can even cost you more than a water bill, since drought restrictions may limit your household's allowed water consumption. Fortunately, faucet leaks are relatively easy to diagnose.

Loose Parts

Inside the handle of a twist handle or ball joint faucet, there is a packing nut and an adjusting ring. Over time and with repeated use, these parts can become loose, which can then lead to a leak that seems to bubble out from beneath the handle or around the ball joint of the faucet. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. You can remove the handle and locate the loose nut or ring. Then, simply tighten it so that the leak stops. These components should only be hand tightened, though, as over-tightening can also lead to leaks or a stripped nut.

Damaged O-ring

Certain styles of faucets have a rubber o-ring that prevents leaks from the faucet base. The style most likely to have an o-ring is a single handle cartridge faucet. These faucets lift up or down and move side to side. They do not have a ball joint, it is more like they lift and rotate. The o-ring is seated inside the handle housing between the cartridge that controls water flow and the rest of the faucet. Over time, the o-ring can stretch or break. Replacing it solves the leaking faucet handle problem.

Valve Seat Corrosion

The valve seat connects the rest of the faucet to the spout, and it serves to modulate the water pressure and flow as it comes from the faucet. Over time, the valve seat can corrode, which leads to an opening that can allow water to drip from the spout. If you remove the tip from the faucet, you can usually locate the valve seat inside. If it appears corroded, rusted, or otherwise damaged, then a quick replacement will likely solve the problem.

Spout Washer Problems

All faucets have a washer or rubber gasket in the spout that is there to prevent the valve seat from becoming loose over time. Yet, the washer can wear out, and when it does a slow drip begins from the faucet spout. Undersized washers can also lead to leaks, so make sure you have the manufacturer recommended size for your faucet. You can remove the tip of the faucet to find the washer or gasket. Usually, a replacement will solve the leak.

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30 January 2020

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