Everything You Need To Know About Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Plumbers


Finding out that you need a plumber in the wee hours of the morning is hopefully something you will never have to experience. However, if you own your own home, there is a chance that emergency plumbing needs could strike at that hour of the morning/night. If it does, you have to find a 24/7 emergency plumbing plumber. Here is everything you need to know about twenty-four-hour, emergency plumbers.

Some of Them Are Still Apprentices

A lot of apprentice plumbers are the ones placed on late night duty. If you call you may find that you are getting a third-year plumbing apprentice. Do not worry, these folks are very good and they will do a repair job every bit as good as the master plumber they work for. In the event that they need extra help, they usually call the master plumber anyway. 

Your Call May Go to Voicemail with the Promise It Will Be Answered "in the Order in Which It Was Received" 

Many 24/7 plumbers have mobile phones just for the express purchase of taking phone calls late at night or early in the morning. These phones have voicemail recordings that allude to the fact that the plumbers are not actually awake all the time, and that they will get your call within the hour and respond to it. Thankfully, most plumbers get the call and are able to respond to your phone message in less time than an hour. The only exception is when a plumber is already on another emergency job, or he/she is completely and all the way out of town and does not have a partner or apprentice that can respond to the call. Even then, the plumber is likely to send you a quick apologetic text and an explanation, but this particular scenario is very rare. 

Rates May Be More Than Double

The fact that you are requesting emergency, after hours repair means that you are trying to get a professional to respond to a service call that most other (i.e., non-emergency) plumbers would not ordinarily respond to. As such, most emergency plumbers will charge double their regular rates received during the daytime services. Some others may also charge triple or quadruple. So, even though you may feel a little frantic about your emergency plumbing situation, it is still worth it to take a little extra time to shop around and find out which plumbers are charging what fees for these emergency services. 

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5 January 2020

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