Your Child And Your Toilet


Children bring joy and love into a household, but they also bring a lot of wear and tear on the systems in a home, many of which are completely preventable. You want to make sure you do your best to protect your home's systems from your child, so everyone can enjoy a pleasant living environment, and you can prevent yourself from dealing with things like plumbing issues. Your toilet can be a major concern when it comes to troubles due to children. You can learn more about protecting your toilet from your child and what to do in the case of a toilet-related issue by reviewing helpful content offered below.

 Children love to watch things swirl down the toilet drain

In the eyes of a child, watching something swirl around the water and then disappear is very entertaining. They like to see what different kinds of things they can make do this. They may start with small things that go down without hassle, such as a few of the cotton balls they found on the counter. Then, they will progress to larger items like their building blocks and bouncy balls. When these things get flushed, it can cause major issues with clogging. While your plunger may work to free up some items, there may be other cases where items that were flushed get lodged in the pipes.

Children love to play with handles

Young children like to play with shiny objects that do something, such as the handles that flush toilets. When a child repeatedly pulls, pushes, and tugs on the handle, it can cause the handle to break off of the toilet, and this means you won't be able to flush the toilet. Another issue that can come up is that the chain inside the tank that causes the flapper to rise and causes the flushing can break. When this chain breaks, the handle will move freely, and pressing it will not flush the toilet. Replacing the chain is something you may be able to do easily on your own. However, if you don't feel you are able to repair it on your own or just don't want to, then a plumber can come fix the issue for you.


You can put childproofing latches on your toilets for younger children. However, if they still get past these measures or if your older children damage your toilet, then a plumber can get you back up and running.


18 December 2019

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