The Four Aspects Of Clogged Drain Cleaning That Need To Be Addressed


A clogged drain cleaning is not just about clearing the drain. There are other aspects of the task that need to be addressed at the same time. The following reveals how a thorough drain cleaning completes the necessary side tasks involved with this process.

Step 1: Get the Clog Out

The first step, of course, is getting the clog out of the drain. It could be hair, it could be grease, or it could be a blockage of something the kids dropped in the sink and tried to flush down with water. Whatever it is, the plumber has to get it out. This may involve opening the pipes below the drain to clean out the trap, where the clog is most likely sitting, or sending a drain auger down from the top of the drain through the rest of the pipe. When the drain is unclogged, the plumber moves to the next step. 

Step 2: Remove Sludge

When a clog blocks a drain for a long time, a nasty sort of sludge builds up in front of and/or in back of the area where the clog was. This sludge is often gray or black and quite foul. The plumber removes the sludge by removing the pipe where the clog was and then cleaning this piece of pipe with shop towels and water flushings. Then the pipe is installed back into the line.

Step 3: Remove the Odors

A clogged drain with all of that foul sludge develops some nasty odors over time. Special drain cleaning solutions coat the drain and the pipe under the drain. These solutions "eat" the bacteria causing the odors before the plumber sends more water down the drain to rinse the cleaning solution away. 

Step 4: Address Drain Insects

There are at least three insects that breed in a drain. They will breed even more if there is enough organic material on which the larvae can survive. The thought is quite a disgusting one, but if anything small is flying around your drain, you can bet that their larvae are crawling around in the drain. Your plumber will be able to spot them with a very bright flashlight. Then he/she can use another type of cleaner that kills these flying, crawling, and wriggling insects in your drain to make it cleaner and more hygienic. This is usually the last step in the course of clearing and cleaning drains. 

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12 November 2019

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