4 Plumbing Hacks To Keep Water Problems At Bay And Avoid Costly Damage Restorations


The plumbing in your home is a modern comfort that can be uncomfortable if there are problems with the pipes. Therefore, you want to know hacks to solve plumbing problems and prevent headaches due to water damage. The following plumbing hacks will help save your home from water problems that lead to costly restorations and repairs.

Clean Out the Bathroom Drains with DIY Pipe Auger Solutions Using Available Materials  

The bathroom drains in sinks, showers, and tubs can become blocked due to hair and residues. Make a DIY plumbing auger using a piece of wire, and leaving part of the insulation on it. Cut angled slices in the wire insulation to create gaps that will easily catch hair and debris that is clogging the drains in your bathroom.  

Install Shutoff Valves to Make Plumbing Repairs Easier and Keep Damage Contained  

Having shut off valves installed in the right areas of your plumbing can make it easier to do repairs. Install shutoffs if you are having trouble with water when you are trying to repair leaking lines. Installing a shutoff valve will also help contain problems to one area, without the need to turn off the water to your entire home.  

Use Wet Vacuums as a Bucket and to Clean Up Any Watery Messes Quickly When Repairing Pipes  

Wet vacuums are multifunctional tools that are a great resource when dealing with problems with water and plumbing. If you have problems with leaking pipes and water, use the wet vacuum as a bucket to catch water by taking off the top, and then, put the top back on it and use the vacuum to clean up any water that is left.  

Add Cleanout Caps to Sink Traps and Main Drain Lines to Remove Any Clogs Quickly and Easily  

Getting to the build-up and grime that clogs pipes can sometimes be difficult if you do not have a cleanout cap where you can access the drain line. The kitchen and bathroom sinks have traps on them where pipes get clogged, which can be improved by installing a U-shaped pipe with a cap on the bottom. You can also add cleanout caps to other areas of drain lines to make it easier to access problems that clog the lines.  

Good care and knowing what to do when you have a plumbing problem will help you avoid serious problems that can damage your home. If you need help with repairs after pipes have failed you, contact a professional plumbing service to help prevent problems from getting worse.  


11 September 2019

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