Plumbing Upgrades For Long-Term Camper Living


One living option that is becoming increasingly popular is long-term camper living. There are several benefits to this lifestyle including travel, the ability to set aside money for retirement and investing, and the ability to lower daily living expenses and stress. If you are considering long-term camper living, then you will need to make some upgrades to the camper. Here are some of the plumbing upgrades you'll need to consider.

Tankless Water System

One of the first upgrades you should consider is adding a tankles water heater system. This one upgrade will immediately free up a large amount of space. The tankless system eliminates the need for a hot water tank. You can now use that space for storage or for another living upgrade to make your long-term camper life easier. Keep in mind, tankless water systems also reduce your energy costs and can be set up on a solar energy option. This benefits you if you plan on staying in off grid areas such as parks that may not have electric hookups.

Composting Toilet

Your camper likely already included a small toilet in the bathroom area. The truth is, these options are ideal for traditional weekend or short term camper use. They may not be as ideal for long-term camper living. If you plan on living in the camper long-term, then a composting toilet may make more sense. There is no need to find a dumping station for your toilet waste, the composting toilet allows you to be in any environment. You also can maintain the composting toilet easily without taking on more space requirements for the unit.

Exterior Plumbing Options

When you are living in a camper long-term, certain aspects of daily living may be more suitable for the outdoors. For example, you may find that in warmer temperatures cooking outdoors is easier. You may also find that showering outdoors in an exterior shower is more relaxing or beneficial than showering in the camper and changing the entire temperature of the camper. For this reason, you will want to consider plumbers helping you with exterior plumbing options. These options can offer you an outdoor living option for milder temperatures that give an added level of comfort to your long-term camper lifestyle.

These are just a few of the plumbing upgrades you can make to your camper for long-term living. If you are ready to begin these upgrades, contact your local plumber. They can help you with the upgrades, pricing, and with options that may benefit your long-term camper living plan. They can also schedule a time to start on the upgrades that will work with any deadlines you may have for moving into the camper long-term.


12 December 2018

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