Don't Let Your Fourth Of July Festivities Ruin Your Drains


Anytime you get families or friends together, it'll be a good time. However, if you're having a Fourth of July barbecue at your place, you'll also have to take care that nothing in the house is ruined by the party atmosphere. You're likely to have an eye on the food, your glasses, and your furniture, but it's also wise to think about the bathroom and kitchen drains that will get a lot of action. Keep them clean and usable with these party tips.

For Cooking OIls, Use Jars

While grilling food doesn't typically generate a lot of used oil, you may be making pies and other desserts as well as traditional baked dishes for the barbecue. Vegetable, olive, and other oils will somehow need disposal. In the flurry of activity, down the sink might seem to be the best option. However, even as you sweat outside, those oils will, over time, collect and congeal. Over time, your drain will back up and you'll find yourself fighting clogs. Fight that eventuality with some glass jars on the counter. You might even want to label them "oil" so anyone cleaning up for you realizes their purpose.

Get Plastic Cutlery Out of Sink

Some people will place plastic forks, knives, or spoons in the sink and not think about it. However, you should. Plastic cutlery, especially knives, can be so thin they disappear into the drain and cause an obstruction. Periodically, glance in the sink and retrieve plastic cutlery. 

Don't Allow Bones in Disposal

Chicken bones, rib bones, and fish bones may remain on plates put in the sink as the barbecue continues—without your knowledge. Someone may try to help and rev up the garbage disposal. Don't allow this; bones shouldn't travel in the disposal drain because the blades may not cut them well. If bone bits clog up the drain, it will need cleaning out very soon.

Post Bathroom Etiquette

Everyone knows how to use the restroom, but if there are young kids and drinking adults around, sometimes the drains in your bathroom are the most affected by holiday barbecues. Talking may seem strange, so use a colorful placard or post a written or typed note about proper bathroom behavior as it relates to the drains. Also, remind parents to warn their little ones about too much paper, dumping anything in toilets, and other issues.

Your barbecue will be fantastic, but ensure everyone can successfully use the drains in your home this Fourth of July. Monitor sinks and toilets throughout the day; have an emergency plumber's number in case you need drain cleaning services right away.


18 July 2018

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