3 Helpful Resources To Utilize For Clogged Drains


Having a clogged drain in the house can prevent you from doing some pretty important activities, including cleaning the dishes and washes your hands. If one or a couple of drains in your home are in fact clogged, you can utilize these resources for effective removal.

Hot Water

If your drains are not too clogged up, then you may not even need to use special equipment. Sometimes the only thing required for minor clogs is some hot water from the bathroom or kitchen sink. The temperature of hot water helps dislodge sludge and grimy substances in your drains.

For hot water to be effective, however, you need to apply it directly over the drain. This way, it creates enough force to remove whatever is causing the clog. It's also a good idea to use boiling water because of its extremely hot temperature. 

At-Home Tools

When hot water fails to deliver the results you hoped for, the clog may be a little deeper in your drain. In this instance, you'll want to use some of the tools that are already around your home. For example, plungers can work for deeper clogs. Their back-and-forth pumping action helps create enough force to loosen the clog -- be it toilet paper, debris, or even small objects.

If that doesn't do the trick, you might also try a wire hanger. You can extend it out so that it reaches deep inside your drains. Just make sure you put some type of protective covering on one of the ends, as to protect your drains' interior lining. 


Sometimes no matter what you try, clogs will remain in your drains. That's when you should let professional plumbers take over. They have many removal techniques and specialized tools that can help you deal with moderate to severe clogs in prompt fashion.

One tactic they might implement is using a toilet auger. This long wire device helps reach deep within your drains, and its flexible design helps prevent any type of resistance. If this tool doesn't do the trick, then they can unhook pipes or your toilet to give them easier access to the clog.

Clogs can seriously affect your daily household operations. You don't have to let them, though, if you know what protocol to follow when it comes to clog removal. There are plenty of DIY measures you can take and professional drain cleaning assistance is always available, for the tougher clog-removal tasks. 


4 June 2018

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