Factors To Think About Before You Rent A Porta Potty For Your Job Site


If your company undertakes a construction job, then you're required to have portable toilets on the site. This not only makes things convenient for your crew it also limits disruption to nearby businesses that your crew would visit to use the toilet. It's even better for your business because it cuts down on the time a worker needs for a bathroom break when one is in close proximity. Here are some things to consider when you rent a portable toilet for your construction site.

Where To Place The Toilet

There are three primary things to consider when picking a good location for the toilet. The first one is accessibility of the delivery and cleaning truck. The toilet must be in a place where it can be reached easily for weekly cleaning, drop off, and pick up. Next, you'll want to consider the proximity to the crew. Although you won't want a toilet right in the middle of the job site, it should be within a short walk so minimal time is wasted walking to and from the toilet.

The last thing to think about is the condition of the ground it rests on. You'll want a flat piece of ground so the risk of tipping over is minimized. You may even want to place the toilet near a windbreak if the area of your job has frequent high winds. However, if tipping over is anticipated as a possibility, the toilet can be secured with stakes to hold it steady.

Whether To Provide Handwashing

You can provide hand washing or hand sanitizing in different ways. Soap and water or hand sanitizer is required in or near the portable toilet. Basic portable toilets do not have running water. Instead, a bottle of hand sanitizer may be mounted inside. You could also rent a more luxurious toilet that comes with water for handwashing, but this adds to your rental cost. You can also rent a handwashing station that sits outside of the toilet. These can contain water or hand sanitizer.

The Number Of Toilets To Rent

According to ANSI recommendations, if you have 10 or fewer employees on the job, one toilet is enough. However, you can provide more than one if you wish, especially if you have a large site and want toilets in different locations. When you call the rental company, let them know the number of employees you have working each shift. They normally clean out the toilets on a weekly basis, so they can calculate how many toilets you'll need based on the size of your crew and a weekly maintenance schedule.

For more information on porta potties for construction sites, contact a local business.


6 March 2018

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