3 Tips For Maintaining Your Residential Well


Buying a home with well water is a learning experience, especially if you've spent your lifetime relying on municipal water. Having a free, healthy, and reliable source of water right in your own backyard is great, but it also comes with new responsibilities. Here are a few tips for maintaining your residential well, keeping your water clean and ensuring the well continues to work properly for years to come:

Know When to Have the Pump Repaired

Your well pump is the most crucial component of your well, pumping the water from deep underground up into your pipes and plumbing system. When the well pump breaks down, your water supply will soon dwindle, so it's important to observe the signs that your pump needs to be repaired as early as possible. The most obvious sign that your well pump needs to be repaired or replaced is unusually low water pressure.

Other signs that your well pump needs to be repaired include strange noises coming from the well or pipes, or dirty water. If you notice any of these signs, have your well contractor or repair company come inspect your well as soon as possible.

Have Your Well Inspected Annually

Most experts recommend that homeowners with wells have them inspected by professionals once a year, as well as any time there is an indication of problems with the pump or the water itself. At an annual inspection, your well pump motor and other components will be inspected and basic maintenance will be performed.

The water will also be tested to ensure it is still clean and healthy for drinking, and that your water treatment is still functioning properly. It's a good idea to ask for a report of each annual inspection, to keep in a file in case you ever sell your home.

Keep Your Well Tightly Sealed

Your well should be tightly sealed and closed off with a well lid or cap at all times. If the cap becomes damaged by the elements, loosened, or removed for any reason, it not only needs to be replaced immediately, but the well water should also be tested for contaminants just in case. Well water is safe as long as it is not allowed to become contaminated, and keeping it tightly sealed is the best line of defense.

Taking the time to properly care for your residential well in these ways will lead to consistently clean, healthy, and available water on your property and in your home. To learn more, contact a company like County Pump & Supply Co


14 January 2018

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