Is Mold Present? Warning Signs That Plumbers Are On The Lookout For When Making Your Plumbing Repairs


Plumbers work with water and moisture on a daily basis. As such, they have seen their fair share of mold that is caused by plumbing leaks and sitting water. When a plumber handles any plumbing issues you may have, they are always on the lookout for signs that mold may be present. If they suspect mold is present, or if they see mold, they may recommend that you call in a mold remediation company to deal with the mold after they repair the leak that is providing this substance with moisture. Here are a few of the signs that mold may be present that plumbers are on the lookout for while making your plumbing repairs. 

Water Staining

One of the signs that a plumber looks for when determining if your water issue caused mold is water staining. Water staining allows a plumber to see exactly where the water traveled and what areas may have been affected by the water and moisture. If no water staining is present, the leak may be fairly small or new, and the chances of any mold being hidden is rare. But if there is substantial water staining, water may have spread and/or been present for a prolonged period of time, making mold growth a possibility. 

A Musty Smell

Another sign of potential mold growth that a plumber is always on the lookout for is a musty or mildew-like smell. When mold is present in large amounts, this smell is typically noticeable. If a plumber detects it when making their repair, you may have mold present. 

Colored Growth

The last sign that a plumber looks for is colored growth. One of the biggest misconceptions about mold is that it is black or dark green in color and that it is fuzzy. There are many different types of mold out there, with different colors and textures. Mold can be red, yellow, brown, or light green. It can have a powder-like appearance, or it can be thick and have an algae-like consistency. A plumber is always on the lookout for colored growth, as this may indicate the presence of mold.  

If you notice or suspect that you have a plumbing leak, it is important to contact a plumber at a company like Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service to repair the leak as quickly as possible. Water that is left to sit allows mold to develop. If a plumber notices any of these signs when they are repairing your plumbing problem, you will likely need to contact a mold specialist to determine if mold is present and to remediate it before it spreads further in your home. 


6 December 2017

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