3 Tips To Help Prevent Problems With Plumbing Drains And Clogged Pipes


One of the most common problems with household plumbing is clogged plumbing drains. The pipes get clogged due to different causes, but often good practices like not putting grease down a kitchen sink can help prevent problems with the plumbing. Other improvements like root barriers or trap cleanouts can help prevent plumbing from becoming clogged. Here are a few tips that will help prevent problems with clogged plumbing in your home:

1. Avoid Rinsing Grease and Oil Down Sinks

Grease and oil cause a lot of problems when they get washed down the kitchen sink. After years of grease being dumped into drains, eventually this causes a sludge to build up on pipe walls. Eventually, this buildup of grease and waste will cause the drain to become completely blocked. Make sure that you avoid rinsing grease down the sink, especially things like bacon grease. Save the grease and oil and throw it away with the garbage or reuse it as a fuel for things like heating or starting the fire in a stove or fireplace during the winter months.

2. Install Plumbing Traps That Have Clean-out Caps on Them

Plumbing traps are the U-shaped pipes that are installed beneath the sinks in your home. These traps can become clogged with debris or objects that accidentally get washed down the drain. There are traps that you can have installed, which have a screw cap on the bottom of them, which will allow you to easily access clogs or remove anything that gets washed down the drain and trapped in the plumbing trap. Make sure that clean-out accesses are also installed in other areas of your plumbing where you may need to get to plumbing to access clogged pipes.

3. Use Garbage Disposals and Sewer Grinding Pumps Where Needed

Garbage disposals are the grinders that are often installed in kitchen sinks, which grind up waste materials, so that it does not get into pipes. The garbage disposal can be good in areas where you are more likely to have problems with clogged pipes. In addition, sewer grinding pumps can be used in areas where plumbing is below the exterior sewer line levels and waste needs to be pumped out of your home, such as in a finished basement. Talk with a plumbing contractor about the areas of your home that can benefit from the installation of these systems.

With a good maintenance routine, you will be able to prevent many of the problems with clogged plumbing in your home. If you need help with repairs or improvements, contact a plumbing contractor to ensure your plumbing is working as it should. Check out sites like http://www.LewisPlumbingSantaBarbara.com for more information.


4 October 2017

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