3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional For Your Water Heater Replacement


Now that it's getting cooler outside, have you realized that your water heater is starting to fail? Are you thinking about replacing the appliance on your own? While you could do that, in theory, it's generally a better idea to leave the installation to a professional. Although this might initially seem like a waste of money, there are a number of reasons why a professional installation is going to be the way to go. Some of these reasons include:

Correct size: When getting a water heater replacement, it's important to make sure that you get the correct size unit for your home. Going by the model of water heater that you already have is not always going to lead you to the correct choice. The water heater could be dying because it's too small for the home that you're in. It's also possible that the water heater is too large, potentially leading to wasted energy for hot water that you never actually use. Picking the right water heater can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. A professional from a place like Quality Plumbing will know how to use all of the variables, such as the number of bathrooms and the house layout, to pick out the water heater that is going to work best.

Gas fittings: Gas water heaters are generally acknowledged as being more energy efficient and less expensive to run than their electric counterparts. But incorrectly installed by an amateur, this type of water heater replacement can be extremely dangerous. Even relatively tiny gas leaks can potentially lead to fires or even to a serious explosion. A professional will have the equipment necessary to detect leaks of this nature and to correct them before any damage or injury can occur. 

Insurance purposes: If you should happen to damage anything while in the process of your water heater replacement, it's unlikely that your insurance company will compensate you for the repairs. This can result in the project being even more costly than you had initially estimated, especially if you have to deal with water damage as well. A good licensed plumber or other water heater installation professional will be bonded and/or insured. While a professional has a lower likelihood of causing damage in the first place, any damage that is the result of the installation process will be covered by the professional's warranty, bond, or insurance. As a result, any issues will be more of an annoyance than a major problem.


4 October 2017

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