Is Your Furnace Causing You Problems?


Some problems with your furnace can sometimes be ignored. Others require immediate attention. Depending on the problem, some basic troubleshooting might resolve the issue. To help you determine if you need to call for professional help, here are a few scenarios that you could encounter with your furnace and what might be causing the issue:

Noisy Furnace

When your furnace is making loud noises, there are several factors that could be to blame.  For instance, if the noise is only evident when the furnace is first starting, the problem is likely an issue with the fire box chamber. When oil accumulates in the chamber and the furnace is ignited, the noise results. This is a serious issue that you should reach out to an HVAC contractor to fix as soon as possible.

Other problems might not be as serious. For instance, if you hear a whistling noise coming from the furnace, the solution could be as simple as replacing the filter. When the filter is dirty, the air that is being sucked through it can cause the noise. However, if the noise persists, call for help.

Non-Stop Operations

If the furnace is not turning off or seems to stay on longer than necessary, the problem could be that the system has simply worn down. As your heating system ages, the furnace has to work harder and longer to heat the home the way it is supposed to. When this happens, you should consider replacing the system altogether. Continuing with the same system could mean higher energy bills.

Another possible problem could be with the home's ductwork. If the heated air is leaking out through the ducts, the furnace will continue to run since the home's temperature is not increasing. Any other problems require a professional assessment.

Leaking Water

One of the most common issues with a furnace is that it leaks water. Water is usually caused by a condensation leak. When the system is functioning properly, the condensation is supposed to drip through a drain and to the area outside your home.

When the drain is clogged though, the water will not exit as it should. You can locate the drain with the help of your owner's manual and clean it. If the water continues to drip through, there could be a break in the condensation line or the pump could be damaged. Both would require professional replacement to ensure it is properly completed. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.


2 October 2017

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