Four Toilet Repairs Tips For Resolving Common Problems


There are many problems that come up with the toilets over time and often it resolves common problems that are simple enough to fix. Here are four toilet repair tips to help you resolve these common issues:

  1. Keep a Plunger and a Snake: Most homeowners have a plunger in their homes. However, not many people think to keep a snaking tool around. The benefit of this is that if the plunger doesn't work, the snaking tool just might do the trick. This way, you can easily resolve stubborn clogs on your own without having to call on a plumber every time. Plus, it's going to help you prevent having an overflowing toilet that can cause water damage. 
  2. Take Notice of Phantom Flushes: If you notice that your toilet runs as if it has been flushed recently, you want to take notice of this since this can be wasting a ton of water. Most likely the issue is due to a bad flapper. If you notice that it is worn, you should have it replaced. Otherwise, you should call a plumber to inspect the toilet to determine what the other cause may be. 
  3. Repair the Toilet Handle Yourself: A loose or stuck toilet handle is one of the easiest parts of your toilet to fix, which means you don't have to live with the difficult of struggling to flush the toilet every time. Instead, you simply open the toilet tank cover and tighten the nut that attaches to the handle if it's loose or clean it to remove debris that is making the handle become jammed or stuck. 
  4. Get Yearly Plumbing Inspections: Finally, you just want to be sure that you are having a yearly plumbing inspection done often. Otherwise, you are going to have many problems, especially with the toilet, which is one of the more sensitive plumbing appliances in the home since it's used the most often. A plumbing inspection can help you avoid very costly repairs while also keeping your home plumbing running smoothly so that your day-to-day life isn't so interrupted. 

With these four tips, you can easily resolve toilet problems that will prevent you from having to worry about water damage, expensive repairs, and disruptions in your day-to-day living. Plus, you can extend the life of your toilet to ensure that replacement is put off as long as possible to save you money even more in the long run. 


29 September 2017

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