Tips For Homeowners Considering Switching To A Water Well


Prior to having a water well installed, it is important to take the time to review what you should expect from this process. Unfortunately, many people will simply rush into this process, and they may find that having a well drilled will be more complicated and difficult than it must be. If you are wanting to be prepared for having a well installed, you can use several basic precautions.

Review Usage Restrictions

The local community will have strict rules in place that govern the use of water wells. This is important for protecting the water source so that it can be used by the entire community. A common restriction that is in place for this purpose will be limits on the amount of water that can be pumped out on a daily basis. This is often designed to prevent homeowners from using their well water for irrigation or landscaping. By reviewing these restrictions, you will be able to ensure that you choose the right well permit for your needs.

Conduct Water Quality Tests

After your well is installed, you will need to regularly monitor the quality of the water that it is extracting. Failing to monitor the water quality can put you at risk of consuming contaminated water. To test the water quality, you will have to take water samples and apply testing chemicals to it THese chemicals will change color in the presence of various contaminants. Testing these samples every few weeks will allow you to catch water quality issues soon after they develop, and this will enable you to take corrective action to minimize the problems these quality issues cause. If you are not comfortable performing these water quality tests yourself, it is possible to send water samples to a testing service that will perform the type of analysis for you.

Avoid Attempting To Work On Your Own Well Or Pump

Eventually, your well or its pump will start to experience problems. These problems can create serious performance issues for the home's water supply. Unfortunately, homeowners will often attempt to repair these problems without seeking professional help. However, it can be easy to cause extensive damage to a well if you lack the appropriate training to repair it. Additionally, you might accidentally introduce contaminants into the water supply, which could create sizable problems for the entire community. If you are serious about avoiding these potential hazards, you should always leave any repairs to a licensed plumber.


27 September 2017

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