Want To Improve Your Bathroom? Hire A Plumber To Install An Improved Toilet


A homeowner with multiple bathrooms may not feel as tempted to upgrade a single bathroom because this would leave the others with inferior features. But your home may only have one bathroom, which gives you the perfect opportunity to make a huge impact with upgrades.

If you are working with a somewhat small budget, you can make changes in parts. For instance, you can start with buying a new toilet that gives you an all-around better experience. Hiring a plumber is a superb plan because they can help with buying a toilet and handling installation.

Reduced Water Usage

Using less water is something that you may strive to do as a homeowner, especially because it is a bill that you can control unlike trash and recycling in most situations. A dual-flush toilet is an excellent purchase because it will give you two options when you are flushing the toilet. You should be able to find models that use less than one gallon during a liquid waste flush.

Slimmer Design

It is possible that you have a wide toilet that you have grown used to owning. But this does not mean that you should replace the old toilet with one that is the same width. You should prioritize a slimmer design that gives you more flexibility in the bathroom. It will become easier to add more storage to the space because you can fit in more items on the sides of the toilet.

Finish Options

While standard toilets are white, you should not feel the need to buy one in this finish. You can improve your bathroom through appearance by buying and installing a toilet that looks unique. It should still be easy to match a finish such as aluminum or brass with the rest of the bathroom. You can look for a matching faucet, door knobs, and cabinet handles to create a cohesive style.

Reduce Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is something that your family may use every day. Upgrading your toilet gives you a chance to cut back or eliminate using toilet paper when you get a toilet with a bidet. If you do not have the immediate funds for this premium feature, you can buy a bidet seat in the future. It may take some getting used to, but it will make a huge difference in toilet paper costs.

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26 September 2017

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